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12 Best HubSpot Marketing Hub Courses for Hong Kong Businesses [FREE!]

From marketing automation and CRM management, enhance your HubSpot skills and maximize your CRM potential with these FREE courses from HubSpot Academy.

I've done dozens of HubSpot onboardings. While HubSpot may not have as high of a learning curve as more clunky and convoluted CRM platforms (looking at you, Salesforce), I've seen firsthand how tricky and overwhelming it can be for CRM beginners.

Thankfully, we have HubSpot Academy to help with this.

With its extensive library of courses, HubSpot Academy not only teaches you how to use the software effectively but also provides valuable insights into marketing, sales, and service strategies. Before you purchase a HubSpot training package from a HubSpot Partner.

Whether you're on the Starter, Professional, Enterprise plan, or even using the free version, there's something for everyone. So, let's dive in and discover the best HubSpot Academy courses for Marketing Hub users in Hong Kong.

Best Free HubSpot Academy Courses for Marketing Hub Users in Hong Kong

Marketing Hub Fundamentals

These courses are designed to provide an overview of Marketing Hub's features, tools and overall structure. This will be key in helping you navigate the platform and understand what it is and isn't capable of.

All Subscriptions

  • HubSpot Marketing Software
    This HubSpot's main certification track for its Marketing Hub software. It provides a great introduction to all of HubSpot's marketing tools, including website pages, blogs, emails, campaigns, contact segmentation, social media, and much more. This is the course I believe EVERYONE should go through.

  • Inbound Marketing
    Another HubSpot certification. The HubSpot Marketing Software course highly recommends going through this before starting on that course. This is because HubSpot's marketing software is designed around this core philosophy and its tactics.

  • HubSpot Portal Overview | Marketing Hub
    This is a learning track that introduces you to account & billing, how to get support, and how to keep learning & growing with HubSpot. Essential for admins and team managers.

Marketing Hub Starter

While marketing automation is still possible within the Starter tier, there are limitations that you will need to work around. These courses will help you understand what's possible in this subscription.

  • Leveraging Automation in Marketing Starter
    Starter only includes basic automation features compared to Professional & above. You can still accomplish a lot but you'll need to know what you have available and where to find it. This course goes through that.

  • Getting Started with Landing Pages in Marketing Hub Starter
    Customization features are also limited compared to Professional & above. This course goes through how to build your first landing page and what customization options you can take advantage of.

  • Building a Marketing Campaign in Marketing Hub Starter
    HubSpot's built-in campaigns tool is locked behind a Professional subscription, but that shouldn't stop you from building a great marketing campaign. This course goes through how you can leverage your Starter tools to generate leads and track performance.

Free Tools

  • Using HubSpot’s Free Marketing Tools
    HubSpot's paid marketing tools are fantastic, but the free tools can still make a huge impact. Fun fact: this website and the CRM behind it are all built on HubSpot's free tools. This course will help you make the most out of the free plan.

Need advice on the best HubSpot subscription for your business?

Let's chat about your business needs and budget. I'll help you identify the best HubSpot subscriptions and third-party tools to help you achieve your goals.

CRM Setup & Management

Great marketing automation relies on a clean CRM database with accurate and relevant information. These courses are meant to help your HubSpot admins manage this data effectively, minimize manual data entry, and automate as many tedious tasks as possible.

All Subscriptions

  • Set Up Your HubSpot CRM for Growth
    This goes through how the HubSpot CRM is organized and the steps required to import your data into HubSpot.

  • Managing Properties in HubSpot
    Custom properties in HubSpot will be your bread and butter for segmenting your contact lists, and providing context about contacts and companies at a quick glance. This course will cover how to create these properties and customize your records so you can see them easily.

  • De-duplicating Your Data in HubSpot
    It's common for duplicate data to make its way into your system. Even the most seasoned HubSpot admins can only minimize this from happening, not avoid it completely. Here, you'll learn the different methods of identifying and fixing these issues when they come up.

Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise

  • Understanding Workflows in HubSpot
    Workflows are HubSpot's most comprehensive automation tool. They can be used to automate emails, tasks, data cleanup, record creation, notifications, invoices, and much more across marketing, sales and service functions.

  • Organizing and Streamlining Workflows in HubSpot
    Workflows are amazing but sometimes, admins can get carried away when building them. I've been in client portals where they've built 100s of workflows that could have been combined into a dozen or less. This happens a lot more often than you think.

    In the long-run, this creates confusion, especially when something goes wrong or someone needs to build additional automations on top of existing ones. This course should help you with avoiding some of the most common pitfalls.

When to Consider Customized HubSpot Training

While HubSpot Academy courses are essential for building foundational HubSpot knowledge, there may come a time when tailored training becomes necessary. A Certified HubSpot Trainer will take the time to understand your business and develop a course that will help your team apply the right HubSpot tools and strategies to achieve their marketing goals.

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