Solutions Library

An archive of various things I've come up with for clients and fun personal projects. 

As a low-code developer with minimal development knowledge at my disposal, these solutions will not always be the most efficient or cleanest implementations—hard as I try to make these as perfect as possible.

I'm always looking for feedback on ways to improve any of these, so feel free to reach out!

Revenue Operations


Warn ClickUp Assignees When They Go Over Time Estimates

ClickUp does not have any built-in tools for  warning assignees when they are close or have gone over the estimated time on a task. Using Make (formerly Integromat), I created a custom automated notification system.

Built in November 2021


How to Forecast MRR with HubSpot Operations Hub Professional

HubSpot's MRR tools are only available on Enterprise plans. But even if you have access to them, their tools do not allow you to tie MRR with forecasts and revenue goals set in your portal.

Built in October 2022

HubSpot Smart Device Integrations

Connecting HubSpot with Wi-Fi enabled and smart home devices like plugs, clocks, lights, speakers, etc.


Display HubSpot Deals Stats on LaMetric Time Smart LED Clock/Display

Want to see your sales stats on a compact LED display that can sit nicely on your desk? This is a low-code solution that uses HubSpot workflows, Google Drive and Make.

Built in November 2022


Trigger a Disco Party When Deals are Closed Won

Create your own disco party whenever your sales team is winning on HubSpot because Closed Won City deserves the HYPEEEEE! ┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪

Built in December 2022